The Gang

Jacob Booke, alias "Jonathan Pickaroon"
After escaping from the navy, Jacob Booke adopted the name Jonathan Pickaroon, founding the Pickaroon gang. Master thief and pickpocket, resurrection man and robber, Mr. Booke and his gang became the best and most notorious in the business. 
Maggie Delaney, alias Molly, Biddy...
An indentured servant and washer woman, Maggie began he criminal career after meeting Jacob Booke. She agreed to be the eyes and ears of The Pickaroon's, often being their look out during heists and resurrection activities. She remained close with Jacob, often posing as his mother in close calls with the law. During the days she keeps occupied selling rags and bones, but always keeping her eyes and ears open.

Thomas Tyburn, aka Thomas Pickaroon.
Thomas began his life of crime at a young age. Orphaned as a child and homeless all his life, he met up with Jacob Booke, after Jacob had escaped from the navy. He joined the Pickaroon's, but never could get along with Maggie. Even though he let the drink often get the best of him, he was as capable in a fight and as clever in a heist as any.

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